Governor tensioning weight

Governor tensioning weight D200 for Speed Governor GBTK 6023F

Governor tensioning weight D300 for Speed Governor GBTK 6023



Governor tensioning weight D200

  • Galvanised sheet metal design
  • Mounting in left- and right-hand versions possible
    ⇒ On-site modification possible
  • Bracket for mounting the overspeed governor to the guide rail available

Governor tensioning weight D300

  • Easy to install thanks to individual attached weight plates
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Tensioning weigth

Tensioning weigth D200 for overspeed governor GBTK 6023F
Tensioning weight D300 for overspeed governor GBTK 6023

The flat overspeed governor (6023F), especially for the use in MRL System has to be installed in flexible shafts and space-saving positions.
To complete the overspeed governor we offer you an appropriate tensioning weigth and a console for fixing to the guiderail.

The tension weight D300 for overspeed governor 6023 has been optimized and is available for right and left mounting to the guiderail.

The tensioning weights inserts in both overspeed governor are laid in loosely, to enable facile mounting. The installation possibilities cover distances from rope and rail from 200 mm to 250 mm. Special dimensions on request.

Technical DataD200D300
Tensioning power500 N648N/870N/945N
Overspeed governor rope ø 6.5 mm6.5 mm/8.0 mm
Governor tensioning pulleyD=200/ 6.5-PAD=300: 6.5-PA/8.0-PA
Nominal Speed v= 1.6 m/s= 2.5 m/s
Travel Height= 100 m= 175 m
Protection type of the rope braking switchIP 54 (optional IP 67)IP 67 oder EEx d Ilc T6
Position of rope engagement40 mm40 mm


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