Rope Pulleys

Maintenance-Free and Smooth Running

  • Highest precision and smoothness
  • Extremely resilient
  • Extremely attractive price / performance ratio
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They provide You: lower maintenance costs (lifetime lubricated bearings), reduced rope wear (roller instead of slide bearings), easy mounting (lower weight in case of polyamide pulleys), adjustment to Your lift (variable distance of ropes and load capacity).

Rope Pulleys - Data of some Pulleys

Pulley-ØRopes z*ØWidthSpecial Feature
360 mm7 * 8 mm118 mmPolyamide
450 mm7 * 10 mm158 mmPolyamide
540 mm7 * 13 mm159 mmVari. + High load
640 mm8 * 13/16 mm239 mmHigh load
740 mm8 * 16/18 mm239 mmHigh load


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