Rubber and Oil Buffers

Thousandfold Proven and Perfected


Our oil buffers provide You easy handling because of optimised technology. With a retardation monitoring device they can be used up to 6.41 m/s. For rated speeds until 1 m/s our rubber buffers are the ideal solution.

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Oil Buffers - Performance Data
Typevrated[m/s]Min/Max Total Load
O1 A - C<= 1,6430 / 3020 kg
O2 A - C1,6 < vn <= 2,0430 / 3020 kg
O3 A - C2,0 < vn <= 2,5430 / 3020 kg
O4 A - C2,5 < vn <= 3,09620 / 4130 kg
O5 A - C3,09 < vn <= 3,7620 / 4130 kg


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Rubber and Oil Buffers Product Catalogue Rubber and Oil Buffers
Buffers Operating Manual Buffers
Rubber- oil buffers pit Installation instruction Rubber- oil buffers pit
P+S Type D0 Certificate P+S Type D0
P+S Type D1 Certificate P+S Type D1
P+S Type D2 Certificate P+S Type D2
P+S Type D3 Certificate P+S Type D3
P+S Type D5 Certificate P+S Type D5
EU-B 001_002_003_O1 Certificate EU-B 001_002_003_O1
EU-B 004_005_006_O2 Certificate EU-B 004_005_006_O2
EU-B 007_008_009_O3 Certificate EU-B 007_008_009_O3
EU-B 010_011_012_O4 Certificate EU-B 010_011_012_O4
EU-B 013_014_015_O5 Certificate EU-B 013_014_015_O5
Rubber buffer 125x80 A Certificate Rubber buffer 125x80 A
Rubber buffer 165x80 A Certificate Rubber buffer 165x80 A
CAD-Drawing Buffers
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