Frequency Inverter

Our frequency inverters of the latest E300 series and the proven generation of MFCs are ideal for installation in the control cabinet or for wall mounting in the shaft or in the machine room on the wall next to the control cabinet.

Thanks to modern technology and optimized operation via the display, the elevator system can be parameterized quickly and reliably.

With the E300 series, the motor data and most of the mechanical data can be loaded directly via a smart card, with the MFC the motor data are set directly via a parameter.

Both frequency inverters regulate the elevator drive reliably and quickly in order to ensure optimal driving characteristics of the elevator system. Both frequency inverters are perfectly matched to our drives, regardless of whether they are machines without gears or machines with gears.

Reliability and a long service life ensure trouble-free and safe operation of your elevator system over the entire period.

If you have any questions about commissioning or if the driving characteristics need to be optimised, our inverter hotline will be happy to help you.

The satisfaction of our customers is and has always been the top priority for LiftEquip. Create the future with us.