Something Worth Knowing for Lift Installations

Here You find various things which might help You building your lift. Apart from the correct brake voltage for our brake magnets a proper machine isolation (enough but not too many rubbers) is important for a quiet and comfortable lift.

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Elevator-Motors (02-2022) Product Catalogue Elevator-Motors (02-2022)
Technique General Information (12-2021) Product Catalogue Technique General Information (12-2021)
Brake Control 3 (08-2022) Operating Manual Brake Control 3 (08-2022)
Brake control BSV 1 (08-2021) Operating Manual Brake control BSV 1 (08-2021)
Description sensor hand-release PMC145 Operating Manual Description sensor hand-release PMC145
Brake control 2 and 4 Operating Manual Brake control 2 and 4
UPS-Devices Operating Manual UPS-Devices
Installation and Operating Instructions for ROBA-switch Operating Manual Installation and Operating Instructions for ROBA-switch …
Drive Units (02-2021) Order Sheets Drive Units (02-2021)
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