Gear with drum

An alternative for cramped manhole conditions


In case of tight spaces when no counterweight can be accommodated with the drive drum provides a solution.
The drives of the TW series with different drum diameters for a total load (F + Q) up to 2000 kg and max. 0.63 m / s (EN81-20) are used here. A drum drive is also a solution in the new installation and as a replacement of hydraulic systems.
For the implementation of UCM, the NBS safety device can be used according to EN 81-20/-50.

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Technical Data

Total load F+Q [kg] 750 1350 1700
Rated speed v [m/s] 0,5 0,63 0,63
Machine type TW63 TW130 TW160
Drum-Ø [mm] 360 450 520
Drum length [mm] 240 300 300
Rope-Ø [mm] (Drako 250 H) 8 11 12
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