LEA Standard

Standard at home


At home in the standard range
The economical and space-efficient solution for medium travel heights in the standard range. Reduced safety spaces available.

  • Type: MRL
  • Travel height: 40 m
  • Rades Load: 450 - 1000 kg
  • Speed: 1.0 m/s
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The MRL kit for nominal loads of 450/630/1000 kg at 1 m / s to 40 m lifting height.
The elevator system for residential and commercial buildings with many options, even for reduced shelters in shaft head and pit.
Energy-efficient gearless drive system PMC125/145 also with energy recovery frequency inverter MFR.
The kit consisting of car, shaft equipment, doors, safety components, drive and inverter can be completed with any controller and the control and display elements of their choice.
The system is based on a type-tested system and can be placed on the market with the freely selectable electrical components with individual approval.

Technical Data
Rated loadQ[kg]4506301000
Car widthCW[mm]100011001100
Car depthDC[mm]125014002100
Shaft width (DW 900)SW[mm]1500*16001600
Shaft depth (Door in shaft)SD[mm]165017852485
*DW 800 (telescopic door)