Safety Gears

For People- and Heavy Goods Lifts


Progressive safety gears and braking systems are type approved safety components according to EN 81 with type approval and CE-sign. They are used single or pairwise, in standard or, for very heavy loads, in double configuration.

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Progressive Safety Gears - Performance Data
Guide RailSurfaceBraking Mass / Pair
drawnoiledmax. 9610 kg
machineddrymax. 2625 kg
drawnoiledmax. 10900 kg
machineddrymax. 9470kg


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Safety Gears Product Catalogue Safety Gears
Safety gears braking system Operating Manual Safety gears braking system
Double config. Safety gear Installation instruction Double config. Safety gear
Safety_gear_braking_system Installation instruction Safety_gear_braking_system
EU-SG212 6071/2 Certificate EU-SG212 6071/2
EU-SG213 6071/1 Certificate EU-SG213 6071/1
EU-SG214 6071/3 Certificate EU-SG214 6071/3
EU-SG345 6071/0 Certificate EU-SG345 6071/0
CAD-Drawing Safety Gears 3D
CAD-Drawing Safety Gears 6071/1/3
Safety gears Order Sheets Safety gears
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