Machine TW 63 B

The Machine for Middle Loads

  • VVVF-motor (5,2 up to 13 kW) controlled accurately
  • Emergency braking system NBS, optional
  • Brake monitoring switch, manual brake release
  • Traction sheave in shaft  with extended traction   sheave shaft and pedestal bearing (SA 9)
  • Gear according to ATEX
  • Brake magnets, Ex-proof (SA 15)
  • Low-wear traction sheave, available in Ø 450, 510, 520, 590 or 675 mm
  • Gear, motor, traction sheave: approx. 350 kg
    Special designs are possible
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Machine TW 63 B- Performance Data

Rated Load Q

Operating Speed v

Suspension r

800 kg0,63 - 2,00 m/s1 : 1
1000 kg0,63 - 1,20 m/s1 : 1
1000 kg0,40 - 1,60 m/s2 : 1
1600 kg0,40 - 1,20 m/s2 : 1
2000 kg0,40 - 0,63 m/s2 : 1


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Machine TW63B (01-2020) Product Catalogue Machine TW63B (01-2020)
Machine TW63 Operating Manual Machine TW63
Emergency braking Operating Manual Emergency braking
Explosion Proof gears Operating Manual Explosion Proof gears
EU-BD762 TW45C-TW63 braking device Mayr (11-2020) Certificate EU-BD762 TW45C-TW63 braking device Mayr (11-2020) …
EU-BD590 TW63 braking device Warner Certificate EU-BD590 TW63 braking device Warner
CAD-Drawing Dimension-sheet TW63B-H-VVVF-CEG-SA9
CAD-Drawing Machine TW63B drawings
CAD-Drawing Machine TW63B H CEG B5
CAD-Drawing Machine TW63B H VVVF DT675
CAD-Drawing Machine TW63B V VVVF DT675
CAD-Drawing Machine TW63B-H VVVF DT520 SA9
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