Overspeed Governors

The Variables with Hardened Groove


Overspeed Governor GBTK 6023:

  • Remote tripping (blockable rocker with voltage)
  • Blocking device (blockable rocker without voltage)
  • Bracket with final limit switch OFF
    Many other functions on request

Overspeed Governor GBTK 6023F:

  • Standard version with electrical remote reset
  • Hardened groove (wear-resistant)
  • Finish-wired and tested
  • Connections to system plug connector
  • Specially developed for MRL installations
  • Remote tripping (blockable rocker with voltage)
  • Blocking device (blockable rocker without voltage)
    Many other functions on request
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Overspeed governors are type approved safety parts according to EN 81. They can alternatively be installed in the machine room or as MRL solution in the headroom. With different versions and options various functions can be realised.
Available in the standard configuration with governor pulley diameter of 300 mm or for compact flat execution, especially for application in MRL Lifts, with governor pulley diameter of 200 mm.

Overspeed Governors - Performance Data
vrated vtripping (vA)

Electr. Preswitching

0,2 m/s 0,7 m/s None
1,0 m/s 1,3 m/s None
1,6 m/s* 2,0 m/s 1,81 m/s until = vA
2,0 m/s 2,4 m/s 2,20 m/s until = vA
2,5 m/s 3,0 m/s 2,75 m/s until = vA

*= available in flat design

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