ModKit MO61S

The flexible machine frame

The ASL-dimension (distance car suspension to counterweight suspension) is flexible adjustable from 555 to 765mm and includes the rope guard. Manual release and handwinding wheel are optionally available. The pre-installed machine frame and the suitable drive are available in stock.

Scope of supply:
          - Rope pulley D 240 mm
          - Rope guard
          - Insulation element


The flexible machine frame
As an additional innovative solution of modernization we would like to present you our new machine frame MODKit  MO61 S. It's a pre-installed machine frame especially developed for our PMC 145 M and L for Suspension 1:1, rated load up to 630 kg and rated speed up to 1,0 m/s.

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Performance data


Rated loadQ (kg)up to 630
Rated speedv (m/s)1,0
Rope departure at drive flexibleASL (mm)from 555 to 765
Diameter of traction sheaveDT (mm)210 / 240