LEMoS - The modular solution for your modernization

- Modernization in moderation -

LEMoS - Performance Data - 1:1, v = 1.0 m/s, 320 - 1050 kg

Lifts with machine room have their lift car floor area optimised after taking the structural circumstances into account. In this regard the flexible lift car is the central component for installing all kinds of doors.

Drives (gearless or geared) with frequency inverter and safety components supplement the modernization.

An especially economic solution can be realised by replacing parts (counterweight, rails and shaft bracket remain).
In budgetary terms this means step-by-step modernization is also possible.

As a result, the lift with machine room is preserved - an advantage for maintenance and service.

LEMoS advantages are:

  • Flexible lift car with inside micrometre of cabin width + 40 mm
  • Partial modernization (counterweight, rails and bracket remain) or complete replacement
  • Project-related solution for your modernization project
  • Assembly time reduction
  • Drive technology optionally gearless or geared
  • Inverter with regenerative technology or conventional with braking resistor
  • Doors made to measure; also for installation in the shaft with existing hinged door frame
  • Various door types available for delivery (Fineline, C-Mod), more possible on request
  • Optimisation of lift car size and doors to meet EN81-70 requirements
  • Lift car configurable in millimetre increments
  • Drawing of the shaft plan view provided with the offer
  • The latest safety components, including requirements according to EN81-1:A3
  • Budget-optimised modernization also possible in serval steps
  • Variable modernisation cabin
  • 320 - 1050 kg
  • Configurable in millimeter increments
  • Flexible adaptation of various door manufacturers
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