E300-Frequency Inverter

The new one at LiftEquip


With this inverter series, we supply inverters for the entire range of our gear and gearless drives with parallel and DCP interfaces. Operation without contactors and the M600 regenerative module are optionally possible. The motor parameters are available for easy commissioning on an SD card. A wall-mounted version in the engine room or in the shaft with protective cover is also available.

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Frequency inverter range E300
200V [A]0,75-2,23,0-4,05,57,5-11,015-2230-3745-5575-90-
400V [A]0,75-4,05,5-7,511-1515-2230-4555-7590-110132-160185-250
575V [A]--1,5-4,05,5-2230-3745-5575-90110-132150-225
690V [A]----15-4555-7590-110132-160185-250


The Proven for Our Machines: MFC inverter

They provide You: inverter package with DCP4 (MFC 20/21, MFC 30/31), safe evacuation and maintenance, easy parameter entry. MFC 20/30 are for asynchronous, MFC 21/31 for synchronous machines, MFC 20 R for energy regeneration.

Frequency inverter range MFC
MFCInenn / ImaxMFC Plug & PlayInenn / Imax
20/21-1518 A / 30 A30/31-1518 A / 30 A
20/21-3232 A / 48 A30/31-2627 A / 43 A
20/21-4850 A / 75 A30/31-3242 A / 67 A
20/21-6060 A / 110 A30/31-6060 A / 110 A
20/21-105115 A / 118 A


 HERE you will find the right gear

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E300 Installation and System-Design-Guide Product Catalogue E300 Installation and System-Design-Guide
M600 Einstellanweisung Operating Manual M600 Einstellanweisung
E300 Kurzanweisung Operating Manual E300 Kurzanweisung
E300 Einstellanweisung Operating Manual E300 Einstellanweisung
E300 Zubehördokumentation Operating Manual E300 Zubehördokumentation
E300 SmartCard Setup Guide Operating Manual E300 SmartCard Setup Guide
E300 Closed Loop RFC-A Mode-Setup-Guide Operating Manual E300 Closed Loop RFC-A Mode-Setup-Guide
E300 Closed Loop RFC-S Mode-Setup-Guide Operating Manual E300 Closed Loop RFC-S Mode-Setup-Guide
Frequency-Inverter MFC20-21 Operating Manual Frequency-Inverter MFC20-21
Frequency-Inverter MFC20-21 / 30-31 ... R Operating Manual Frequency-Inverter MFC20-21 / 30-31 ... R
Frequency-Inverter MFC30-31 Operating Manual Frequency-Inverter MFC30-31
Requirements for earth fault protection Certificate Requirements for earth fault protection
Herstellererklärung Funkentstörgrad Certificate Herstellererklärung Funkentstörgrad
Certificate of Conformity Certificate Certificate of Conformity
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