Gearless PMC 170

The most compact gearless machine of its kind in the world


This machine has an outstanding output factor (95%) with 240 switching operations per hour and a duty cycle of 60%. The hardened traction sheave with a diameter of 320 mm is a low wear solution. The machines are delivered with connection cables for the motor, posistor, brake, brake control and for the pulse encoder.

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PMC Gearless 170 - Performance Data
Rated Load Q Cabin weight F Operating Speed v Suspension r
1000 kg (PMC170S) 1800 kg 1,6 m/s 2:1
1600 kg (PMC170M) 2200 kg 1,0 m/s 2:1
1600 kg (PMC170L) 2200 kg 1,6 - 1,75 m/s 2:1
1600 kg (PMC170XL) 2200 kg 2,0 m/s 2:1
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Gearless PMC 170 Product Catalogue Gearless PMC 170
Gearless PMC 170 Operating Manual Gearless PMC 170
EU-BD1066 PMC170 Chr.Mayr Certificate EU-BD1066 PMC170 Chr.Mayr
EU-BD906 PMC170-1 Fenix Brake Warner Certificate EU-BD906 PMC170-1 Fenix Brake Warner
CAD-Drawing Gearless PMC 170 XL
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