PMC-Gearless 145

The next generation of Gearless PMC



Adapted to the modern manufacturing technology and using the best raw materials we offer you a gearless machine which is unrivalled in all aspects.
In Generation 145-3, the previous Warner brake was replaced by brakes from Mayr.

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PMC-Gearless 145-2/-3 - Performance Data

Rated Load QOperating Speed vSuspension r

275 kg (PMC145-2/-3 S)

1,0 m/s1:1

400 kg (PMC145-2/-3 M)

1,0/1,2 m/s1:1

630 kg (PMC145-2/-3 L)

1,0/1,2 m/s1:1

450 kg (PMC145-2/-3 S)

1,0 m/s2:1

630 kg (PMC145-2/-3 M)

1,0 m/s2:1

1000 kg (PMC145-2/-3 L)

1,0 m/s2:1
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Gearless PMC 145-2 Product Catalogue Gearless PMC 145-2
Gearless PMC 145-3 Product Catalogue Gearless PMC 145-3
Gearless PMC 145-3 (08-2021) Operating Manual Gearless PMC 145-3 (08-2021)
Gearless PMC 145-2 Operating Manual Gearless PMC 145-2
EU-BD766 PMC125-PMC145-DAF270 M-L 2x1700Nm Braking device Certificate EU-BD766 PMC125-PMC145-DAF270 M-L 2x1700Nm Braking device …
EU-BD777 PMC145 S-XS Certificate EU-BD777 PMC145 S-XS
EU-BD819-3 PMC145 M-XM2 L-XL2 Certificate EU-BD819-3 PMC145 M-XM2 L-XL2
ABV843 ESV PMC M-XM2 Certificate ABV843 ESV PMC M-XM2
ABV844 ESV PMC L-XL2 Certificate ABV844 ESV PMC L-XL2
CAD-Drawing Gearless PMC 145-3 D240
CAD-Drawing Gearless PMC 145-3
CAD-Drawing Gearless PMC 145-2 dxf
CAD-Drawing Gearless PMC 145-2 stp
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